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WJFC were invited by Bendigo Bank community Branch Kilmore to their annual Community Grants night last month where we accepted a cheque for $2000.00

WJFC started a relationship with Bendigo Bank Community Branch, Kilmore last year opening up club transaction accounts with them.

Both Kilmore Community Branch & WJFC also entered into an agreement in season 2019 called the referrer program.

This program means that when you bring your home loan or other facilities over to Kilmore branch, you’re earning WJFC money.

An average home loan earns your club $746

These funds would help the club immensely with equipment, facility maintenance, fees, Insurances, registrations just to name a few.

Everyone has to do banking somewhere so why not bank where you are putting back into your community

Great competitive rates, products and with a local member of the club Jasmyn Lang one of Kilmore branch lenders available, there is also no need to travel.