Jul 2, 297 days ago

Past Players Day

http://www.whittleseafc.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/2017-Past-Players1.jpgPast Players Day

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Aug 16, 253 days ago

Applications Open for 2018 Coaching Roles

The Whittlesea Football & Netball Club are seeking applications for the following positions for the 2018 NFL Season. • Seniors Coach • Reserves Coach • Under 19′s Coach All interested coaching applicants MUST HAVE Level 1 Accreditation at a minimum and remuneration will be negotiable pending previous ...

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Jun 15, 315 days ago

Upcoming Functions

Upcoming Functions

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Jun 5, 325 days ago

Coach’s Corner Rd7 Eltham

Coach’s Corner Rd7 ElthamSeniors: Whittlesea          3.4-22          5.6-36          8.10-58         8.12-60 Eltham                 3.0-18          7.2-44          10.6-66 ...

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