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Coach’s Corner Rd7 Eltham

Coach’s Corner Rd7 Eltham


Whittlesea          3.4-22          5.6-36          8.10-58         8.12-60
Eltham                 3.0-18          7.2-44          10.6-66         13.6-84

Goal Kickers: C. Bland 4, M. Atta 2, P. Higgins, J. Sherman
Best Players: M. Coen, C. Bland, N. Stefanile, M. Atta, D. Saddington, L. Deards

Coach Jim Atkin’s thoughts.
Hard game to watch, hard game to talk about – we were very poor.

Notable players/ passages of play:
Matty Coen and Clancy Bland. Two 19 year olds putting their hand up.

What positives do you take from today’s game:
That the young kids are learning fast. Look like they’re the ones putting their standing up.

Anything the players/ coaches need to work on in preparation for the next round:
I think we will all enjoy the break and have a good hard think about what we were doing earlier in the year.

Next Round?:
Up against Greensborough at Greensborough. We beat them there last year – hopefully that means something to the group.


Whittlesea        1.1-7          5.2-32          9.2-56           10.5-65
Eltham              5.1-31         5.2-32          7.4-46           10.5-65

Goal Kickers: N. Pupillo 2, R. Cumberland 2, J. Dyson 2, R. Lock, L. Martin, T. Crawford, L. Hughes
Best Players: J. Dyson, B. Russell, N. Lacey, S. Dempsey, C. Sloan

Coach Mark Allen’s thoughts.
Fantastic effort today by the boys. Really pleased with the way they went about it.

Notable players/ passages of play:
Nick Pup again very good. Sloan top game. Steve Dempsey, also captain for the day. Nick Lacey, Jack Dyson,
Brayden Burgess – his best game for the year.

What positives do you take from today’s game:
The boys battled all day. Very unlucky not to win. Great effort.

Anything the players/ coaches need to work on in preparation for the next round:
A well earned rest next week.

Next Round?:
vs Greensborough… with a week off I think it will suit us for the next game.

Under 19’s

Whittlesea 2.2-14     2.4-16       3.4-22             6.8-44
Eltham       3.2-20      4.7-31       10.11-71        12.13-85

Goal Kickers: H. Bland 4, T. Holmberg, C. McLean
Best Players: H. Bland, C. McLean, R. Johnson, C. Fitzgerald, J. Carroll, N. Fellows

Coach Simon Young’s thoughts.
While the result may not have gone our way, as a team we took some big steps forward. We trained all week to make
some slight changes to our game play and to the guys credit they committed to it and we looked like a much better side

Notable players/ passages of play:
A couple of stand outs, Connor Mclean played his best game for the year imposing himself on every contest and
Henry Bland kicking 4 goals.

What positives do you take from today’s game:
Worked hard to commit to the way we want to play football. We switched the ball well and were willing to run and create
for each other

Anything the players/ coaches need to work on in preparation for the next round:
Keep taking the positive steps with the game plan and keep our positive momentum going into our next game

Next Round?
After the long weekend we face Greensborough away which is always a big task. They are sure to be well drilled
but if we build on our last game and with some possible inclusions in the side we can take some confidence into the game

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