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Coach’s Corner Round 6 vs Hurstbridge

Coach’s Corner Round 6 vs Hurstbridge

Senior Coach Jim Aitkin’s thoughts on the Senior’s loss to Hurstbridge on Saturday…

Hurstbridge 7.2-44 11.7-73 15.13-103 19.15-129
Whittlesea 4.4-28 7.5-47 9.8-62 12.12-84
Goal Kickers: J. Murphy 3, J. Sherman 3, J. Daniel 3, C. Bland, C. Horman, P. Higgins
Best Players: M. Atta, P. Higgins, N. Stefanile, L. Deards, M. Coen, C. Horman

Coach Jim Atkin’s….
“I’m not upset that we lost the game. Iknew it was going to be a very tough match – I’m just very upset with the effort!”

Notable players/ passages of play:
“Matty Atta was a stand out. He’s been playing some good footy.”

What positives do you take from today’s game:
“Not many to be honest. I suppose we were able to play 4th first game player in Jimmy Minogue – he has a big future at

Anything the players/ coaches need to work on in preparation for the next round:
“We need to strip it back and start playing good Whittlesea footy – tackle & run.”

And finally how do you think we will match up against Eltham:
“They’re a team we do match up well against but we probably need to focus on ourselves more.”


Reserve’s Skipper Toopa sums up his side’s performance on Saturday…

Hurstbridge   2.1-13   4.4-28     9.11-65     15.17-107
Whittlesea     3.1-19     6.5-41     8.5-53       12.8-80

Goal Kickers: J. Dyson 4, N. Pupillo 2, R. Cumberland 2, B. Toll, Z. Pettit, C. Prestopino, M. Taplin
Best Players: M. Taplin, Z. Pettit, J. Dyson, C. Taplin, N. Byatt, N. Pupillo

Captain Mitch Taplin’s thoughts.

Disappointing. Started off well but weren’t able to play 4 quarters again.

Notable players/ passages of play:
I thought Jack Dyson was great up forward and Lee Hughes did a great job on a quality forward.

What positives do you take from today’s game:
That we get to play them again and redeem ourselves

Anything the players/ coaches need to work on in preparation for next round:
Eltham seem to be travelling alright, but it’s always hard to come to Whittlesea and we’ll be looking to turn our season around

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